The Creator

Author | Designer 

I am a Christian Entrepreneur and Chief Visionary Officer of ‘Spiritually Fabulous’, an empowerment and lifestyle brand designed to connect, inspire, and serve, through our events, products, and services.

I recently resigned from my corporate career of over twenty years to pursue my dreams full time, which is a faith-walk. This chapter allows me to utilize my energy to exchange creativity and inspiration, to connect with culture, while handling Kingdom-Business.

I am a three-time published author. I love to write and share my thoughts. I recently published my first children’s book entitled, ‘Ten Green Apples’, to connect with my younger audience. My newest book was released in December 2022, and I pray that it is a blessing to children all around the world.

I am also a profound designer. My love for fashion and keen eye to detail has illuminated my vision to design exclusive handcrafted ladies’ bow ties, identified as ‘She Ties’. All pieces are uniquely designed to complement and add that signature gem to any attire for any occasion. 

In addition, now off to a new venture and tapping a little deeper into the fashion industry, I recently birth my new apparel brand entitled ‘crEATe.’ This brand was created to empower others to pursue their dreams, be creative, and crEATe. I am currently working on some more heat for the launch of my official ‘Spiritually Fabulous’ apparel, to be dropped soon.

My overall goal and passion is utilize my platform, items, and pieces to push the message that it is okay to be authentically you and this is the time to do whatever your heart desires, to live a fruitful life.

I am so excited about this entrepreneurial journey because I get to take you all along with me. Thank you all for supporting my small (BIG) business!

Cheers to manifesting the life that you deserve!




Note: A percentage of funds from books sold benefit Michelle’s ministry’s city-wide ‘Annual Summer Gospel Fest’. The festival is a free community event hosted to give back to the community.